The house

This house was used first as a Fulling mill and after converted to a flour watermill (azenha), was owned by the Portuguese Royal Family (Casa de Bragança) and the main structure is older than 500 years.
All the rebuilding process was done using environment friendly techniques. We used when possible local and ecological materials.
The roof was rebuild with the lower part in pine wood, an isolation box of 5 cm, thermal isolation, cement plates and traditional tiles on top. All the roof is suported by big logs of Portuguese pine.
The walls are periodic white washed with lime produced in a local limestone oven.
The electrical installation support single-phase and three-phase power.
There are 1100 watts on solar panels (seven panels) connected to the national grid and with an average profit of 100€ (around 80 pounds) per month paid by the major Electricity producer in Portugal (EDP).
The potable water is free. The hot water is produced by a gas water heater but a system (not finished) using a thermal panel could replace it.
The house have 10 rooms with around 190m2 (2000fm2) divided in two floors.
The ground floor have three main doors that give access to the living room, to the kitchen and to the old donkey shed (a workshop now).
This floor have around 120m2 (1300f2), and have a big living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, two workshops, a small living room and a storage room.

With 77m2 (830f2), the upper floor has one big living room, two bedooms and one balcony. Part of the floor is wooden and part from a traditional portuguese brick (tijolo burro).

The house have the basic comfort to be used immediately, bur could be more confortable with some minor restoration of some of the divisions, or even with the conversion of one of the workshops to a third bedroom.
It is possible to increase the living area of the house buying a neighbour small house.

An amazing opportunity in Alentejo